I have perceived that many people are having a hard time to understand the difference between the INITIAL/PARTIAL Fulfillment and SPIRITUAL fulfillment. There is a large and enormous abyss of difference between these two concepts, however, is not unusual to see people – even prominent theologian – taken them as the same thing. Therefore, I made the followings charts to explain the difference between them graphically.

First of all, the graphic represents one form of SPIRITUAL Fulfillment and two forms of LITERAL Fulfillment. I will nominate them as follow:

1 – Spiritual Fulfillment;

2 – Literal Fulfillment – In Progressive Stages (“Progressive” term appears here in the sense of literal fulfillment in stages);

3 – Literal Fulfillment – Total Fulfillment (“Total” term appears here against “Progressive,” i.e., total means a Fulfillment at once a and a stage fulfillment).









Integrative Dispensationalism support the second view called Literal Fulfillment in Progressive Stages. In ID we can use the “alreday / not yet” terminology, however, with a different meaning then it is used by others authors:

Integrative/Progressive view of Already Not Yet:

  • Already (Literal and Partial Fulfillment) and Not Yet (Literal Fulfillment of Remaining Elements)

Spiritual view of Already Not Yet:

  • Already (Spiritual and Partial Fulfillment) and Not Yet (Spiritual Fulfillment)


Finally, I built the following chart to show that INTEGRATIVE DISPENSATIONLISM has nothing to do with Spiritual Fulfillment:

Download (DOC, 34KB)


After you read this article, I want to make some pleads:

  • Please, do not Confuse PROGRESSIVE Fulfillment with SPIRITUAL Fulfillment;
  • Please, understand that PROGRESSIVE Fulfillment means LITERAL Fulfillment in STAGES;
  • Please, do not Confuse SPIRITUAL Blessings of OT Covenant with SPIRITUAL HERMENEUTICS;
  • Please, do not Confuse the PRESENT participation of CHURCH in New Covenant with REPLACEMENT;THEOLOGY, because ISRAEL will have a LITERAL future according OT Revelation;
  • Please, do not Confuse the LITERAL Sense of ID and PD’s use of the “ALREADY/NOT YET” terminology with the SPIRITUAL Sense that other author used the same terminology.