The Integrative Dispensationalism believes in a Progressive Fulfillment of the Eschatological Kingdom (or God’s Program, that I think it is a better terminology–but I will use the usual expression E.K.) in 3 Stages. The first stage is the present Dispensation; the second one, the Millennium; the third one, the Eternal Estate. That means that ID strongly supports CONTINUITY between the Present Dispensations and the Future Dispensations. What has been partially started at the present Dispensation, is that it will be fully consummated in the Future Dispensations.

ID also believes in a Partial Postponement view. So far, Dispensationalists has been discussing whether the KINGDOM have been postponed or not. The integrative view, differently, says yes and no for this question. That is because we believe in a postponement, but not for all elements of the Kingdom. Another point to note is that the ID view of Kingdom Program includes not just political elements, but also spiritual elements (indwelling of Spirit, healing etc). Therefore, while the political elements have been postponed by the Jews rejection of Messiah, the Spiritual elements have been arrived. Jesus himself pointed out to the healing during his ministry as a proof that the Kingdom has arrived. For ID, to say that the Kingdom has arrived means that just SOME elements of the Eschatological Kingdom promised, and just SOME, are been present today. These PRESENT elements do not mean a spiritual fulfillment of the Kingdom (as in Covenant Theology). By the contrary, in ID view, these present spiritual ELEMENTS are a literal fulfillment of some elements of E.K. and serve as a PLEDGE that the NOT YET (postponed by the rejection) political elements of the Kingdom will arrive after the Second Coming of Jesus.