Dr. Rick Griffith produced a real treasure of articles, books and charts on theology. And the best of all: his works are available for free at his website (>>click here<<). Dr. Griffith has been very kind to me, allowing me to reproduce one of his great charts here, at IDRC website. So enjoy it! * [...]

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The Influence of Platonism on Christian Eschatology

“It is important to see how different the New Testament anthropology is from that of the Greeks. Body and soul are both originally good in so far as they are created by God” Oscar Cullmann[1] The Platonists believed in a concept called “immortality of the soul.” For Plato, a man is his soul. He used [...]

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What Is Holistic Redemption?

What is the extent of the redemptive work of Christ? Does it extend only to humanity or it will also extend to the whole nature? Some authors believe that the redemptive work of Christ include only the human beings, while this created universe will be completely destroyed and replaced by a new universe. Most of these authors [...]

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    How to understand the present Dispensation in relation to the Eschatological Program prophesied in the OT? Different views have been proposed to answer this question. The chart below attempts to portray general characteristics of some of the systems that tried to deal with this question. It should be noted that there are intermediate [...]

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The Greek word oikonomia comes from the verb that means to manage, regulate, administer, and plan.  The word itself is a compound whose parts mean literally to administer or manage the affairs of an inhabited house. Dr. Ryrie defined a dispensation as a “distinguishable economy in the outworking of God's purpose. If one were describing a dispensation, [...]

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The Fulfillment of Matthew 24:4-31 in Dispensational Tradition.

This article attempts to show descriptively how the fulfillment of verses 4-31 of Matthew 24 have been interpreted in Dispensational tradition. These verses are part of the eschatological Sermon of Jesus, also known as the Olivet Discourse. This sermon is recorded in all Synoptic Gospels (Mat. 24-25; Mark 13; Luk. 21). However, the focus of [...]

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What is the Mark of The Beast?

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1) Total Binding of Satan Amillennialists scholars understand that the Millennium is a period between the first and second coming of Christ, so, for them, we are already living in the Millennium period. However, this view is very difficult to be reconciled with the biblical data. In Revelation 20, we read that, during the Millennium, [...]

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