My name is Leonardo Costa and I live in Brazil. The first two authors that I read about Dispensationalism were Dwight Pentecost and Thomas Ice. I liked it so much that I started to dedicate myself to understand the system better . Two years ago, I was called to teach Eschatology in a very small Seminary in my city, Goiânia. As I learn better with graphics, I started to make graphics of Eschatology for my few students. I am glad to post one of the first graphics that I made here. It does not necessarily represent my actual chronological view of the Revelation. However, I thought it interesting to share this chart with my readers because everything started from here:



During the day, I work at small family business where we sell snacks:



By night, generally, I dedicate myself to study theology:



I am 28 years old and from more than six years, I have been marriage with Lidia Regina Modesto:

Lidia Regina